Asphalt and Tarmacadam is extremely versatile and a hard wearing product which is commonly used for roads, car parks and driveways. We offer machine lay or hand lay, using an experienced and fully trained workforce. We are also ‘Mastertint’ approved for our coloured and natural macadams.

When specifying the type of material to use, the engineer/contractor has a range of products to choose from. Following certain criteria they can ascertain which is the most suitable for the site.

Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

(Conforms to the latest European standards)
It is a polymer enriched surface course, suitable for high density traffic which is laid on a binder course.

Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)

(Conforms to the latest European standards)
A hard wearing dense material sometimes having precoated chippings embedded for additional skid resistance, suitable for motorway and duel carriageways. It is also suitable for surfaces which have to handle heavy turning vehicles.

Dense Binder Course 40mm, 20mm

(Conforms to the latest European standards)
This material is used under the surface course to add strength to the construction and can be used as a regulating course and a binder course.

Dense Surface Course 6,10,14mm

(Conforms to the latest European standards)
These materials are finished top coats. Sizes and thickness are specifically chosen for the application intended e.g. roads, car parks and footways.

Coloured Macadam’s

(Conforms to the latest European standards)
These are surface courses chosen to give a coloured finish to conventional surfaces, using natural aggregates and a pigmented binder. (DWSE are approved laying contractors for Lafarge Tarmac Mastertint.)